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Is Thrush Contagious?

Is thrush contagious? In a word, yes. It is caused by yeast known as Candida. There is always some Candida in the human body, especially in the mouth and the digestive tract. Normally, it is kept in balance by bacteria and other microorganisms. However, if the body is stressed because of certain illnesses, or if antibiotics kill the bacteria, then the Candida can breed unchecked. Candida fungus can also cause diaper rash, or thrush infections in the genitals, especially in women. Is thrush contagious? Yes it is contagious, but you can do things to minimize the chances of spreading it.


Identify The Symptoms

The first thing you need to do when you show symptoms is figure out if they are thrush. Oral thrush typically causes white lesions inside your mouth, particularly on your tongue and inner cheeks, gums and tonsils, and sometimes even the roof of your mouth. The lesions often look like cottage cheese, and can be painful. They may bleed slightly if you rub them or scrape them.

Vaginal thrush will likely cause severe itching, burning and soreness. Vaginal thrush may also result in a whitish or whitish gray discharge, which often has a cottage-cheese-like texture. Men, too, can get genital thrush. It is less common than thrush in women. Thrush symptoms include red patchy sores near the head of the penis, severe itching, and a burning sensation, particularly upon urination.


Preventing the Spread of Thrush

Now that you know that the answer to the question “is thrush contagious?” is yes, you may want to take measures to keep from catching it—or spreading it. If you already have thrush, you are more susceptible to reinfection. For example, babies who have thrush are very likely to get a yeast diaper rash, reinfect themselves, or pass thrush back and forth to their mother.

There are some easy ways to curtail the threat of thrush. First, you must boil everything that could come into contact with the mouth, especially in cases of infant thrush. This includes forks, spoons, bottles, nipples, pacifiers, and teething toys by boiling for 5 minutes. Also, wash your hands often. If you cloth diaper, use disposable if possible. Your diet has an effect. If you want to limit the chances of getting thrush, limit sugar and yeast-containing foods in your diet.

Genital thrush, not surprisingly, is transmitted through intercourse. There are ways to minimize your chances of contracting thrush through intercourse. First, the obvious: use condoms. Secondly, it’s a good idea to pee after you have sex, to flush your system out. Also, it is a good idea to wash your genitals afterwards.

Is thrush contagious? The simple answer is yes, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do.


It is possible to cure thrush

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