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Thrush Treatments

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Thrush Symptoms

Symptoms are easily cured with the right treatment

The scientific name for thrush is Candidaisis. Thrush is a fungal infection caused by any species of Candida (thus the name Candidaisis), most typically Candida albicans. Thrush can affect different parts of the body, such as the skin, the genitals, or the digestive tract. In babies and breastfeeding mothers, it can affect the baby’s mouth and the mother’s breasts.


Oral Thrush Symptoms

Symptoms of oral thrush include creamy white lesions inside the mouth, particularly on the tongue and inner cheeks, gums and tonsils, and sometimes even the roof of the mouth. The lesions may resemble cottage cheese in appearance. These lesions can be painful, and may bleed slightly if you rub them or scrape them. Symptoms may start suddenly, but the symptoms of oral thrush may persist for a long time.
In severe cases of oral thrush, the lesions can spread right down your oesophagus. If this happens, you may have trouble swallowing, or you may feel as though you have food stuck in your throat.

Infant Thrush Symptoms

Infants and breastfeeding mothers can be susceptible to yeast infections. Healthy newborns are particularly prone to thrush within their first few months of life. If a baby has thrush it can pass the infection to the mother’s breasts when breast-feeding which can lead to the infection being passed back and forth during feeding.

Symptoms of thrush in your baby can include a white coating on your baby’s tongue. If there is a coating on the baby’s tongue but nowhere else, then it may be milk residue. Thrush will also affect the sides of the mouth, and will cause the mouth to be sore. If your baby cries while breastfeeding, bottle feeding or sucking on a pacifier then it is possible thrush is the problem. Gently inspect the inside of the mouth for white patches. If you touch a white patch with a gauze-covered finger, the "white stuff" won’t come off very easily. However, if it does, it will leave a raw, red patch where it used to be and may cause discomfort to the baby. For babies, it is very important you understand how to prevent thrush, thrush can not be cured with creams or capsules, to cure thrush you need to understand that it is part of the body's natural balance and needs to be understood first. Once you do this, curing thrush is simple matter of applying what you've learnt, clickt he link at the bottom of this page for a great book on how to cure thrush.

Symptoms of Adult Genital Thrush

Thrush Symptoms in men and women will include severe itching, burning and soreness.

Vaginal thrush symptoms typically show with a whitish or whitish gray discharge, which often has a cottage-cheese-like texture and a smell.

Penile thrush or Male thrush symptoms include red patchy sores near the head of the penis, severe itching, and a burning sensation, particularly upon urination. A white discharge may also occur, but this is uncommon. Men, too, can carry a thrush infection without exhibiting any thrush symptoms, if your partner has thrush and you are engaging in sex it is very likely during the future you will begin to show symptoms of thrush. This may not happen right away, but the body's natural balance will begin to erode and allow the thrush to grow out of control.


I have symptoms of thrush, can it be cured?

Thrush is easily cured with the right treatment. To cure thrush you need to understand how to control the infection and prevent the common problem of recurring thrush. Thrush is extremely prone to recurrence once your body is compromised. What you need is a thorough natural program to relieve the itch and restore your body's natural balance so it can heal the affected area and cure it for good. Also, it is important to understand that the yeast which causes thrush is part of your body, it lives all over and the only reason you get thrush is because your body is experiencing an inability to control the yeast. Once you understand how to bring balance back to your body you can easily control the problem. Unlike anti-fungal creams Yeastrol is an all natural cure for thrush that works like nothing else on the market today. It has been tried, tested and proven by thousands of sufferers to be the most effective cure for all types of thrush. To find out more about Yeastrol and to cure your thrush, click below to go straight to the offer OR read our Yeastrol review here.


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