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Thrush Treatments

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Thrush in Men

Have you tried an effective treatment for thrush in men yet?

Thrush in men can be an embarrassing and inconvenient condition. That’s because thrush in men occurs at the most inconvenient of places, the penis! Men with foreskin will be more inclined to develop male thrush because of the warm and moist surface underneath the skin which unfortunately encourages fungus growth.  Since thrush in men develops around the genital area, there is a common misconception that thrush is primarily caused by sexual activity. This is inaccurate as there are many cases where thrush in men occurs even when the man isn't sexually active. Sexual activity may cause thrush in men to occur but this isn’t always the case


Causes of Thrush in Men

Thrush in men is caused by the fungus know as the Candida albicans, which is a common micro-organism that lives on warm and moist areas of the body. Normally there is plenty of good bacteria on the skin which prevent the growth of Candida albicans. But when the environmental ecosystem of the skin is disrupted and conditions make it favorable for the Candida albicans to thrive, it becomes harmful. And since the area of the groin and genitals are usually moist and warm, this becomes a strategic spot for those pesky Candida albicans to settle in and breed. This is one of the most common reasons for thrush to occur in men.

The growth of Candida albicans which is the cause of thrush in men can be exacerbated by the intake of certain medications such as antibiotics. The good bacteria may be destroyed by the intake of antibiotics which doesn’t discriminate between good and harmful bacteria. This may cause the count of the protective bacteria to be drastically lowered and thus causing the proliferation of the Candida albicans. Thrush in men will also occur if the immune system is poor or if you are plagued with other medical conditions such as diabetes. Diabetes is also another reason for thrush in men to occur.


Thrush Symptoms in Men

Thrush in men is a type of adult thrush and can be visible by the inflammation of the penis head or known as the balanitis.  When this happens, the most common thrush symptoms are small red spots that can be seen around the area which is accompanied by penile discharge.  If you looked under the foreskin, there would be materials that looks like cottage cheese and smells yeasty. It is important to note, thrush in men can be present even without any symptoms at all.  You won’t be seeing any cheesy materials or spot forming on the head of the penis but you could still have thrush.  If your partner is seeking thrush treatment for a thrush infection you should get examined by a doctor as they might have vaginal thrush and oral thrush.


Proven Treatment for Thrush in Men

The first step to control the growth of Candida albicans is to understand the nature of the problem. Then make the extra effort to keep the affected areas protected. You can choose to apply anti fungal cream that you can easily buy from your pharmacy without a prescription. Although effective at destroying the infection, anti fungal creams leave the body exposed to recurring thrush infections, to cure thrush you need to find out why the thrush is occurring in the first place since recurring thrush is very common among sufferers. 

You may not know this, but it is important to remember that the yeast which causes thrush (Candida Albicans) is naturally occurring and lives on the human body externally and internally. Fortunately, the problems it causes (thrush) can be cured. You do not need to spend a lot of money on topical anti-fungal creams to cure thrush, in fact, you can't cure thrush with these creams because they do not prevent the problem recurring, which is what most people suffer with.

Please note, when one partner is having treatment the other should be treated at the same time to prevent the infection getting passed back again. Sex should be avoided if possible during treatment, but if you do have sex, use a condom. Unlike anti-fungal creams Yeastrol is an all natural cure for thrush that works like nothing else on the market today. It has been tried, tested and proven by thousands of sufferers to be the most effective cure for all types of thrush. To find out more about Yeastrol and to cure your thrush, click below to go straight to the offer OR read our Yeastrol review here.


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